Thursday, January 5, 2012

Renovations Complete!!!

I'm back in Birmingham finishing up the renovations to Jordan's home.
they look SO good!!

Here is Bennett's room before
and after!

New paint - 300.00
Borrowed baby bed
Wooden cornice - 25.00
Recovered and painted rocking chair - 25.00
Elephant head - 98.00
Armoire - had in basement
Changing table - old cabinet from basement
added touch:
framed music from my grandmother's house

and the bath before:

and after:
Wallpaper stripped and walls painted - compliments of Aunt Kim and me. - free
Pleated balloon shade - 25.00
Towels - Bed, Bath and Beyond - 55.00
Bath Mat - Restoration Hardware - 48.00
Shower Curtain - Anthropologie - 98.00
Pictures - a gift from a sweet friend
and I'm officially done!!!
Have a great day y'all!


  1. Didn't mention where wire baskets with stuff,etc,toys printed on them came and cost. Very cute. Would like to know if possible?!?

  2. Hi A! I just love those wire baskets as well. I found them at the Atlanta Mart at a shop called J Douglas. The manufacturer is Aiden Grey. Not really sure where you can purchase them if you don't go to the mart. They also have an adorable laundry hamper. The problem? You have to have a license to get in to the mart and there is a minimum purchase requirement. Sorry I can't be any more help! Thank you for commenting though. Oh, they were 48.00 wholesale so I'm assuming they are about 96.00 retail.

  3. Found the baskets! but they are very pricey. They must have been 98.00 wholesale and this company triples the cost. But if you really want them, I would try this place.
    thank you again!