Friday, January 20, 2012

A Simple Little Shadow Box

We had a little delimma with Cate's nursery.  See it is doubling as a guest bedroom which meant that the only place to put the bed was in front of a window.  One that is off center.  It's considered a faux pas to put a bed in front of a window, but hey, we really had no other choice.  So, the wall beside the drapes (that are in the process of being made) needed something.  I was pulling out all of Evers little bonnets hoping one would work for a shadow box when Jordan said "how bout this one"!  My mom had given it to her when Evey was born.  It was my grandfathers.  (Evidently they put bonnets on baby boys back then!)
I snatched it up and we headed to HobLob to find the perfect shadow box.
We did and it was 50% off!  Yeah!  this whole project costs a little more than 10.00.
So, here is what we did:
Got the shadow box and found scrap fabric from Jordan's stash.  I found the perfect color and it was a soft pinwell corduroy.
First you take the back off of the shadow box and cover it in your fabric.  I taped mine in the back.

then you pin the bonnet where you would like it to stay

using a needle and thread just sew it on to the fabric

and you've got it! (btw, the ribbon was changed to this color)

then place it in the frame.  This may be one of my favorite things I've done lately!

See how wonderfully it evens out the space! Oh, I'm SO anxious for those drapes to get here!!!
Have a great night ya'll!


  1. Oh, the bonnet is gorgeous!! What a good idea! I also shadow-boxed my baby shower corsages.
    Couldn't you drape the whole wall so the bed appears centered on the window. With the drapes being lined, you'd never know it front outside:)

  2. Good idea, Kelley!