Friday, January 6, 2012

A Photo Session

I awoke yesterday morning to the sweet sound of Evers knocking on my door saying "Gigi, can we play Barbie".  You see we have this thing where every morning when I'm there say about 5:30, she gets up and we play Barbie on my computer.  And yes at 3 yrs. of age she knows exactly how to play a game on my computer!  Much more than I do.  It will be amazing what these kids will know how to do when they're grown.  I finally said "Evey, can I check my e-mail real quick and she said, "um, Gigi, you can get your phone and check it."  I am dead serious y'all!  So, then I checked on a couple of my blogs and one that I was particularly curious about.  My childhood best friend Becky's daughter
She has the most amazing blog!  She is brilliant to say the least, and absolutely precious!  Especially pregnant, (which she is not anymore as she had number 3, a sweet baby boy New Years Eve night)  congratulations Abbs!!!  I know her mom is looking down on her with a big fat smile on her face!
Anyway, Abby's blog gave me the idea to take (or try to take) some pictures of Jordan with the kids.
Get ready,  I took 370 photos trying to capture the perfect shot!  I won't show all of them to you, thank you very much!!!
Anyway, here are my favorites!

have a happy day y'all!


  1. Love these! Jordan is such an amazing mother!

  2. Beautiful!! I need some photos of me w my two- I'm the only one who takes pics so I'm always left out :(

  3. What beautiful photos! Your family will cherish these forever.