Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Kitchen Renovation

From Jordan's to Gregory's!  They needed some work done on their kitchen.  Some serious help!
So, Annie and I pulled our talents together and went on over for a "kitchen redo".  Luckily Gregory and Amy helped so we knocked out 85% of it in 8 hours.  Yep.  Kitchen redos aint fer sissies you guys.
The idea was a limewashed look.  The cabinets were I'm not sure how old, but the wood certainly was not up to date.  Neither was the tile.  OHANDBYTHEWAY.  Did you know you can paint tile!!!!  YES!!!
And we did!
So here is where we stand so far.  I'm actually thinking we're more like 75% done.  But an afternoon after praise and worship will do it.
Before: (oh btw, they had already taken the cabinet doors off when I took this pic.  Darn)

gettin there!
we darkened it a bit after this pic.

the sweetest son I've ever had!
check out the 80's tile.  That obnoxious fun little border was driving Ames crazy. So we taped it off

and used some of this (two coats) ONLY Prime Lock (it will prime anything)

this big tile was a big flower basket

Gregory always the prankster!

We painted the tile a tan color the color of the grout.  Not sure why the people put that black tile so close to the big one either.  hum.  
Okay, I read up on painted tile.  I would normally say to paint the black ones on this project as well, but the wear and tear may be too much on the counter tops for it to stay painted....So, that black tile will have to stay for now.

Stay tuned! more tomorrow! 
Have a wonderful Sunday y'all!


  1. When changing the kitchen color in Ken's house ( needed the kitchen and bedroom to feel different...... Everything else is still the same as was:) we came back from honeymoon and the tile had been painted! It had been white with fruit and a huge fruit basket. I wanted the fruit gone was pretty much it. BUT they couldn't do anything with the fruit but paint it SO they painted over all the tile with a beige color. Turned out GREAT! Almost two years later.... No flaking or anything..... Still looks brand new:)) you still amaze me with your talents!!

  2. you are SO sweet!! Thanks K! Hope everyone down there is doin well. Tell Lil Kendall Congrats for me and congrats on the new little boy!!! xo

  3. Unpainted some tile in my bathroom with random enamel trim paint- at the time, I couldn't have made the bathroom look worse :) luckily, it's worked great!! I love all these redo's that you're blogging!!

  4. I painted, not unpainted
    Autocorrect :)

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