Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Piped Pillow Sham - a tutorial!

I thought I was finished with J's house, but I just keep finding more stuff to do!
So, the bedroom was really bugging her.  She wants all white and has a bunch of "pass me downs" in there.  Sort of a mishmesh of stuff.  We found a great looking beige and white fabric for the draperies which will tie in all the white.
So, out comes the sewing machine for me!
I decided to make her 3 new pillow shams (envelope back)
and here's how I did it!
But first?  A stop at Target.  You see, the coverlet she is going to use came straight from the local Target.
So, I got a queen size for matching fabric for the shams.  Then found some beige fabric at Ocho for the trim.
This will tie it all in nicely!
So, here we go with the tutorial.
These are for 30" shams.
cut two pieces for the back.  These should overlap about 10"

baste those two pieces together

measure how much piping you will need for all three pillows

I used 1/2" cording

on the bias I cut enough strips 3" wide

cover the cording and with a zipper foot sew the bias cut fabric over the cording

leave the end open like this

now pin the cording all the way around the pillow.  Be sure to clip the corners

sew the piping on getting as close to the previous stitching as possible
Now for the end. Make sure the cording meest.  Turn the fabric under and lap it over the other part as shown

like this!

clip the corners, turn and presss

Place the top, right sides together and pin.  Sew following the stitching

trim seams, clip corders and turn right side out

The front!

and the back!
Have a great night y'all!

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