Sunday, January 15, 2012

Annie Sloan and Giving a (sort of) Old Lamp a Facelift!

If you could have seen me when I was at Scott Antiques this week when I saw Annie Sloan paint, I was jumpin around like a maniac.  I was so excited that you could have heard me screaming for Jordan to come look, (even over the airplanes that constantly fly over Scott's)!
I had heard of Annie Sloan paint from Jordan's MIL and was dying to find some and work with it.
SO.  I had these two lamps that just weren't doin it fer me.  They really aren't that old, and I got them at Pottery Barn Outlet for about 40 bucks each so, I decided those were the ones to play with, without caring if I ruined them.  Plus they weren't really being used for any specific space.
Now they are going in Jordan's "all white and tan" bedroom.
Here we go. First, the lamp before:

I used Old Ochre for this project

first I painted the lamp (you can put it on pretty heavy)

look how soft and creamy it looks when it dries.

then I scuffed it up a bit with fine sandpaper

next you apply some clear wax to your project.

and then a coat of dark wax (the fun part)

you paint it all on and then rub it off with a soft cloth

add a shade and there ya have it! (I'm actually going to find some authentic burlap shades for them)
again, before:
better huh?
To find Annie Sloan paint in your area, just google Annie Sloan and it will probably give you a location.  It is usually however just sold in metropolitan areas but you may be able to purchase on line.
Oh wait!  I need to show you another goodie I found!
That B is goin in Lil B's room! are these cool or what?

have a great day y'all!


  1. Love the lamp. Love the B. Love a good white & tan room, too!

  2. Kendall. Can u use this paint. On brass? These look great!

  3. Hi "A"! It is my understanding that this paint will go on any surface. I can't tell you that for sure but someone told me that it would. What a great way to modernize a bunch of old 80's brass stuff! The lamps were ceramic with a shiny glaze some I thin it would work. Let me know!

  4. OK you have to tell the truth, do I have to be an artist to do this? You make it look so easy...loving the way it looks and so wanting to try!!! The "B" is adorable...

  5. not at all! and I'm serious! You just cannot let the dark wax get too dry. It has to be wet when you wipe it off. Thanks!!!! xo kb