Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Cotton Wreath and Andy's last game...

Well, I really wanted to only post Andy's last game, but I also really wanted you guys to see how to make a wreath for Thanksgiving using little more than "stuff" you pull outta your yard.
Except for this (well unless you live on a cotton farm):
Cindy brought me a bunch of this beautiful cotton from Mississippi!
 Get one a these wreaths
 cut the cotton off the stalk.  Oh my goodness, let me tell you about these scissors.  They are Fiskers and I got them at Home Depot.  Pri$ee but worth every bit of the 25.oo.  They will cut ANYTHING!
 Start cramming the stems of the cotton in all around the wreath
 Then look for stuff in your yard to cram in around the cotton
 There ya have it!!!! Just in time for Thanksgiving.  We are missing a bow but I will add a beautiful burlap bow!
Now....on to ONE of my favorite people in the whole wide world!
As Evey calls him Ayndee
I know I'm prejudice, but I think they make a pretty cute couple!
 some got a little emotional (it was Andy's last game ever!)
Evey waited with every bit of patience she could muster up to see her Ayn-dee
finally!  he came out!!!
 I got to sneak a little hug from one of my (let me repeat myself) favorite people in the whole wide world!
 who has a totally amazing family.  They are so, so good to Callen
Andy's wonderful parents
Lil B was there and got passed around appropriately
 and did a little "earring pulling"
and gave out some lovin
It was a wonderful, beautiful day! had an equally wonderful day as well!
Happy Sunday y'all!


  1. i LOVE that wreath!!!!! OH my gosh it looks fantastic!! Now... I need to know where your daughter got her dress and earrings!! I am in love with them both!!

  2. Thanks guys!!! Erin, Callen got the dress at Anthro. Not sure about the earrings but probably there too. You guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! xo