Thursday, November 18, 2010

What to do, what to do

Well, as I type, I'm sitting here beside my mom's hospital bed looking at this poor helpless soul, sleeping like a baby.  They gave her some drug I've never heard of, but if I were her I'd want it every night.  As a matter of fact, I asked Tracey (our wonderful nurse) if she'd just inject me.
Because.....not only did I not sleep, I have a fever, sore throat, chills and body aches.
Okay, enough about me - I'm gonna deal with that in about an hour.
Christmas did NOT come early for us unfortunately.
No new hip.
Her doctor opened her up, they cultured her, he cleaned out the wound and sure enough, MRSA is still there.
What does this mean for her?
Well first of all, he cleaned it out really well, stitched her up and put in a drain.  She will be in the hospital til at least Tuesday and then we'll re-evaluate her situation and decide the best place for her to go.
For now, she's still "hip less".  She doesn't know it yet and I'm dreading like crazy telling her. OH this poor sweet woman.
Thank you for all of your wonderful prayers and well wishes.
just knowing you're out there reading means the world to me.
I write because it makes me feel better!
See!  I already feel better!
Thank you!


  1. Gosh...Bless her heart. Hopefully, she will get well soon, so she can get that new hip. I will continue to pray for Pat and your family. Give you mom a big ole hug for me...

  2. So sorry about all this Kendall!!! She is so very lucky to have a loving family to help her through all of this. Hopefully she will beat this thing really soon & be at home with her family!!! Love to all my family!!!

  3. That's such a shame Kendall. Wishing your mom and your family lots of strength to get through this and keep moving towards that new hip. I hope your Mom will be able to enjoy a comfortable Thanksgiving at home.

  4. I'm soo dissapointed with you! I pray your Mom can beat this soon and have that hip replaced. Thankful that you have such a HUGE support system!

  5. thank you guys!!! I'll of course keep you updated!!! You are my reprieve!!!