Saturday, November 13, 2010

New York Pizza

I'm gonna give a "shout out" to my absolute ALL time favorite pizza parlors in Birmingham
NEW YORK PIZZA (it's in Homewood)
but first.....I forgot to mention what a great G-man "W" is.
Here he is sharing his lemonade with his favorite girl
Back to NY Pizza
oh, yummerlicious.
We have been eating here since ours were born.  That would be ATleast 28 years.
Anyway, we usually take the whole fam and it usually takes up the entire restaurant, but this time we were missing a few :(  like mom....she loves this place!
thought you'd like to see a few pics!
as usual, Evey stole the show!
(she loves her some Amy)
 and Lil B hung out!
my absolutely gorgeous niece Harper wouldn't let me take her pic!
 now, if you ever question whether Jordan and Callen came from the same parents....look at this
 and then this!!!! "W" and I were having a hard time telling them apart last night!
 there's my sweet lil boy and his sweet girl!
 Eric got some Daddy time
 And "Aunt Shim" got some auntie time
 I was starting to get a lil jealous
 ...and then I was getting REALLY jealous
 she's got one good looking kid there (along with three others)
 ut oh.  at this point I wasn't so jealous
 um....back to mom
 and I believe right now,,,,Jordan said "Eric, I believe it's your time"
 and he agreed
 after forgetting a change of clothes, he came back wrapped in a blankie!
 Oh, the fun I have with my fam!
Today????? Roll Tide
We're headed to the game for a fun tailgate party!
Have a wonderful Saturday y'all!
oH!  by the way, Jordan has some DARLING new designs on her blog...
go to"


  1. What wonderful pic`s!!! Homewood my very favorite place,my old stomping grounds where I grew up!!! Oh how I miss that place!!! Would still love to live there again!!!

  2. Yummy! World Trade Center pizza is devine! And it has so many toppings it should be illegal.

  3. Oh my goodness I would have DIED to see all of yall there!!! If you went friday then I would have ran into you! (but my friend chose dave's instead!) Crazy!