Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pem Wins! and...a fun day of painting!

My trusty "random number" generator picked lucky number 13!
and "lucky number 13" happens to be a lovely person whom I know, named,
and,,,,I'm so happy for you Pem!  (I think she had every friend she knew sign up to win with the promise they would give it to her if they won!!!) You go girl!
Hey, send me yo info and I'll mail it out today!  Congrats!
on to something fun, fun, fun, that I did yesterday.  Get ready, you're gonna see some real cutey pies!
I had the honor of being chosen as one of the artists to paint with a few classes at Trinity School in Atlanta for their upcoming "Spotlight on Art"  
Now if you've never been to Spotlight on Art it's a MUST GO.  period.
It is a HUGE art show.  Probably the largest in Atlanta and I will be participating again this year.
Anyway, some of the artist get to work with the classes to paint paintings.  I got to work with the 3 yr olds. (the most fun I think!)
We painted cupcakes!
These three paintings will be auctioned off at their gala event!

Oh, be still my kid lovin heart.
Here we go!

These are the prepped canvas'
W said.....ooookay, um, what are those supposed to be? when he saw them
meeting and greeting some of these darling kids!

we frosted the cupcakes!!!

I showed them how to hold a brush
some sweet mommy's came to help!

I love how "intense" she is on getting it just right

 sweet Cindy lou hoo was here and was the amazing photographer!!!  Thank you Cindy!
showing them how to mix paint

 don't cha just love these little Home Depot aprons!
 out of 48 kids we were only missing one, so a teacher filled in!
 one of the finished projects!
they were so good!  I mean SO well behaved!

 and another finished project!
 There's my sweet lil Gabby.  Daughter of a wonderful, sweet friend of mine!
 isn't she just precious?
 and again with her mom
 loved this lil guy!

 and here's one of our finished projects!  with the whole class!
 and another!!!
ya know? I needed a fun day and that's just what I got!
oh!!! Cindy also took my new artist's profile pic
Have a spectacular Thursday y'all!
one more thing!!!
mom is doing great!!!!
thank you her prayer warriors
we still need those prayers comin though!


  1. I would have loved to have been with you there! Those little children are soooooo cute! AND I LOVE the cupcake paintings! Great job:)

  2. I knew Pem was gonna win it- dang her I mean congrats!! I love love love your new profile picture- in all the pictures i was thinking could you be any more cuter your boots-your jeans- with a snazzy shirt- LOVE IT!!

  3. Go figure, my computer wouldn't let me post yesterday, I won, I won, I won!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did manage to boast my elation all over FB, though! Thank you Kendall...for being so talented and generously sharing those gifts so often. I'm sooo excited!!! CAW, how did you know? I can't tell you how many times I checked the blog for an announcment Wed night, lol!