Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Did a Crazy Thing

I know, I know,,,,,,you're goin, "what now"?
Well, first, I voted....I did my civic duty and I hope you did too!
Then I came home and W was in his study working and I said
"I think I'm going to Birmingham" "and turning around and coming back"
He looked at me like I was crazy.  But wonderful him was supportive of a crazy decision.
Anyway, I really didn't have anything pressing to do yesterday and it was really, really buggin me that I wasn't going to be there for mom's move.....especially since it was by ambulance.....
why did that make it so much worse?  It just made it seem more serious than it was.
OMG,,,,you prayer warriors out there you.  You guys are really talkin to the man upstairs.
She is SO HAPPY let me just tell you!  We are in a great place!
Doesn't she look great?
Now for some specific prayers...
1)  That mom will continue to do well with her therapy so they will keep her at Shelby Ridge
2)  That she will continue to eat and put a few lbs on her bones
3)  That Dr. Talbert will be able to re-insert a new hip on November 18 and that there will be absolutely no signs of MRSA
4)  That she will be home for Thanksgiving
Thank you so much for your friendships out there.
and....a specific thanks to my wonderful sista.
you're the bestest sis!
Even though she looks younger (even at an early age)
okay,,,,two things.
1) I secretly wanted Kim's dress
2)  I've always had "heavy" eyelids, so if any of you are plastic surgeons out there thinking I need my eyes done, don't bother....I needed them fixed at age 2.  Botox?  well, that's another blog.
 Kim's actually a year older! (don't cha just love the baby's breath and the gloves)
hey,,,,stop it, I thought it was cute at the time!
 and yes,,,,I do have a father, a wonderful, kind, absolutely gorgeous father.  Unfortunately he hasn't gotten a lot of my time or attention lately.
You guys mean the world to me!!!
Blessings for a fabulous day y'all

oh....!  I'll be blogging again today.
I'm getting ready for the GAC (Greater Atlanta Christian) art show which starts tomorrow and I want to document the work I'll be showing.
Stay tuned!!!
xo, kb


  1. Last year at Thankgiving, we celebrated my Mom's completion of her breast cancer treatment, such a blessing. This year I pray we will be celebrating all (3) of your Mom's victories! Oh, a friend made me an "embellish that shirt" last night. Thanks so much for sharing!!! You rock!!! and so does my friend!

  2. Now you made me cry, but it was a happy cry. I remember all the wonderful times we have had together & what loving children you Kim & Clay & all my boy`s have become!!! We are all really blessed! Thanks Kendall for sharing & keeping me informed of my family!!!

  3. A crazy little thing called... love
    Your mom looks wonderful!!! Thanks for the prayer specifics will be lifting them up to the Lord-

  4. Thank you ALL!!! I love and miss you AE. WE MUST plan a family reunion very soon. Very soon.