Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Moving Mom and Wes Gordon

Oh the pain.  I realize it's not "about me" here, but I'm up at 4:30 and just can't sleep no mo.
Mom is getting moved to a Nursing Home today.....by ambulance.
Oh, the guilt I feel for not being there.  Ya know, I was talking to one of my besties Elizabeth and she went through something similar with her father.  She said "when you're there you just sort of twiddle your thumbs and think of all the stuff you need to be doing back home.  When you're not there, you think of all the reasons you need to be back there."  That's exactly how I feel!  Thank you Elizabeth for your wisdom and your friendship.
The fact is, I live 3 1/2 hours away and can't possibly be there all the time.  
Anyway, thanks for listening.  I need a good ear this morning at 4:30.
You know that writing is the best therapy.  Did you know that?
yep.  A therapist friend of mine said it's the most "healing" thing you can do for your soul.
I believe it because I already feel better!
Enough to show you what I did yesterday!
Remember Wes Gordon????
Well, he has just really hit it big.
He is the hottest thing to hit NYC since,,,,well, I don't even have anything to compare him with.
Let's just say he's HOT....in more than one way.
young, beautiful, talented,,,,,Harrods just picked up his line, Saks has it,,,,and since his show yesterday?
Neimans picked it up,,,,all of the stores.  And ya know what?  He's only 24!
I went to his show and a luncheon for him yesterday at Neimans with his mom.
She's the one on the left.  See where he gets his looks? (you should see his dad...)
Now, I was SO impressed with his line.  And I'll show you a little of what I got to see.  Enjoy!
is this not the cutest thing eva????
taking many orders!  Go Wes!
 Ladies got to "meet and greet" Wes Gordon

 This is such a beautiful tunic from his spring line
 Wes helping a customer.  Oh, this coat is to die for!
 Diane again! Both wearing Wes Gordon
 Not sure what I want more....the outfit, or the model's body.
Here's that coat again....
 and again
 He has a beautiful soft palette for spring.
I went a little nuts over this jumpsuit.  VERY cute.  It also comes in grey with pink details
 and his gowns are divine

 Cute little "tennis" dress huh?
Wes even had time to get a little crazy with me!!!
Congrats Wes!  I'm so proud of you!!!!


  1. Writing is good therapy I do believe
    You can love her from a distance- send cards- flowers- sursie's...I think we set ourselves up for failure by the expectations we set. The best gift is love and prayer because guilt and gloom can harvest nothing good.

  2. Wow, he's 24 and designing clothes like that? What a life! I can totally relate to what you're going through with your mom. The guilt can be so consuming at times. You just have to move forward and do the best you can for you and your mother, and that's what it sounds like you are doing.

  3. Ummm, I'll take the tunic, and the jumpsuit in every color, and the coat and the other jumpsuit and oh my gosh!!! He is a cutie and his clothes are WONDERFUL!!!!!

  4. Mom, I like your black lace! It looks great!