Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tailgatin Time!

Okay, first of all,,,,I left my good lens in the car.....and my camera is doing something weird that I really don't like....
Since it's been almost 6 months since I bought this one, I guess I'm in the market for a new one.
Hey, I have an obsession okay?
so, yesterday, we had SO MUCH fun!!!
Tailgating at the Bama game (who won handily btw)
So, I had to snap a few shots.  Not enough though so I'll keep this [sorta] short!
Here ya go you Bama fanatics fans
First....these guys got there about 6 hours ahead of time to set this stuff up!
4 TVs showing different games
 food everywhere. Libations EVERYWHERE.

They're mostly dentists so I felt comfortable if I fell flat on my face and broke every tooth in my head.......luckily I didn't.
This one REALLY likes to "cut the rug" when he gets goin.
and...he did 
they all got to "hang out" together (probably talkin about their last golf trip
 and laughed at some ole men trying to "cut the rug"
 a true Alabama Fan
 I love being at the age where we can hang out with our grown kids and act like them!
(and some of them act like us!)
 Ame's and Gregory
 I think she wanted him to take his hat off
 and then needed a shoulder rub
 tried to do the "kiss cam" but didn't work
 .....THIS "kiss cam" worked though....hey, I'm just sayin, don't get all huffy with me you Auburn fans.
 and again....I'm just sayin
and....while I'm just sayin....I'm feelin a little bold right now.
Ya know....when a woman turns 45, her body changes.
I don't know how many "male" readers I have out there but I think I have enough to just make this statement.  Whatever, I mean WHATEVER you do. DON'T tell your wife she's fat.
OMG, I had to console a tearful good friend of mine last night because her husband told her that.  Funny thing is,,,she's not!!!  She's a beautiful, darling girl.
You know who you are sweet friend and I think you look marvelous.
have a wonderful day y'all


  1. He told her she looked fat?! What a horrible man! Clearly, he doesn't deserve her. Love the pics of the tailgate - they go all out, don't they? :)

  2. The colors and logos are all wrong, but otherwise, it looks like a fun time. Our folks got to Auburn at 8:00 Thursday morning to set up for Saturday. Our last home game of the season always includes steaks and all the “fixins” for about 50 people.

    Beth Wages Johnson