Sunday, November 28, 2010

On to....What to Give THAT Man for Christmas.....

Why do men never want anything????
 I mean, I can think of a million things I want and W doesn't want a thing.  It's the hardest thing in the world buying for a man.  Seriously folks.  (well, unless it flies or floats....anyway, you know the it.) okee dokee....moving right along......
Well, I found this absolutely wonderful company.  So look no farther than.....
Colonel Littleton
(straight outta Tennessee)
here's a few little items "I've" put on "W's" wish list for him
this beautiful alligator agenda
and it comes in leather for 1,000.00 less
 a money pocket holder
 coasters for his office
 luggage chains
 eye glass holder
 seriously, for the man who has everything.....a leather flyswatter
 I Pad case
 I think this money clip is Divine!
a very unique knife
 "W" would love this
we gave these last year as business gifts and they were a huge hit
 Now on to pens....
W's favorite thing.  He collects them
These all came from The Fountain Pen Hospital

Orvis again

and Orvis again (a really, really great jacket)
And if yo man likes to grill....definitely The Big Green Egg (it's the BOMB)
and...some steaks to go on that egg....and...let me tell you.  If you wanna make someone really, really happy, send them these steaks.  Seriously folks, you WILL NOT ever eat one better.
Personalized stationary for the man (like W) who likes to write Thank You notes
(a very personal gift)
Now, if your man hits his ball in the woods a lot....this is the club for him
a Taylor made rescue club. (ask W)
and,,,if you wanna get a few laughes...a custom made bobblehead
and finally....if you're a Bama Fan (sorry, just had to throw this in there!)
There ya have it!!!  Some manly man gifts!
have a great Sundee y'all!!!

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