Monday, November 15, 2010

Is it Really Almost that Time????

Yes, it is!
Do you guys watch this every year like we do?

OMG it's my family's ALL time favorite.
I mean, we could watch this in the middle of summer and still laugh our butts off!
Need a party idea???
We did a "Christmas Vacation" theme party one year.
Everyone had to dress up like a character in the movie
If you think I'm obsessive you shoulda seen this party.
Some things I did:
1)  strung so many lights on the house it looked like a runway (we had to have 2 generators)
2)  burned up a Christmas tree and put it in the foyer with a flat cat underneath made of construction paper
3)  Paid 100.00 for 2 "moose" mugs on e-bay
4)  Over cooked a turkey to death and opened it up as a centerpeice
5)  Rented an old dilapidated RV and had a piping running to the sewer (Gregory was out there emptying the "sh--ter")
6)  put glow sticks in the sewer
***** I wish I would've put a burned up chair and put it in the front yard
****you wouldn't believe how many "Cusin Eddie's there were"
This was us! (W had a squirrel hanging off the back of his sweater)
This made for a wonderful holiday memory!
Have a wonderful Monday y'all!
I'm gonna go paint!

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