Monday, November 1, 2010

Wadda Ya Do? Leg Wraps

Whadda Ya do when you want two pairs of boots....a short pair, and a long pair....
you only have
for one pair....
your husband gave you these last year for Christmas (so you have no excuse for a new pair, even though you want a heel)
PLUS,,,you have like really muscular fat tennis calves and a lot of those boots won't fit over your
muscular fat tennis calves,
not to mention being tucked into a pair of skinny jeans (which I shouldn't wear anyway because of my fat butt)  but you know what???? I'm 51 and I can wear whatever I want! I know, I'm rambling..
Anyway,,,I don't have an excuse to buy a long pair.
But I want some chocolate ones,,,,I need them,,,,I NEED BOTH! Long and short.
how does that saying go?
Neccessity is the mother of all invention?
If that's the case,,,I'm neccessitized and I'm a motha.
here we go...
Leg Wraps...(don't laugh,,,I know, I can hear you over my computer)
I'm gonna try to make these
(the ones I bought)

look a little like these (just use your imagination okay????)
I know, I know, I know, it's a totally different shoe and all.
Let's start by visiting my fabric closet (OMG, I just saw this pic and I really can't believe I'm showing you this.....I know what I'll be doing tomorrow, get ready, I'm sure I'll blog about it.)
Now, let's pick out a beautiful leather.  You can get real leather at a lot of different places.
This came from a flea market.  You can also get actual leather from designer upholstry fabric stores and a place called Tandy Leather, or of course I'm sure the internet.
now measure around your leg and cut a square to fit.  I dipped the front a bit too.  Allow 5/8 of a seam (and don't make them too tight if you wanna wear them over pants)  make them tight enough, however so they don't fall down.  I chose this color to be a little different.  Plus it matches my handbag.
Using a LEATHER sewing needle, stitch down the long side right sides together.  Press open and turn them right side out.
then wear em,,,pretty cute huh?

Have a wonderful Monday y'all!

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