Saturday, November 27, 2010

What to Give Your Grown Daughter for Christmas?

 Well....first of all, I'm back home!  Finally.  Oh my gosh, I feel like I've been gone for a month!
I went to Birmingham for mom's surgery, and then "W" and I kept the two g-babies for 4 days while J and E got to take a luxurious little jaunt down to the boat in Florida.  
Oh, we had a wonderful time! We enjoyed every minute of every day!
Mom is doing pretty well.  It was a lot for her to come to Thanksgiving for the day.  Lots a folks, lots of attention, just lots of stuff goin on around her.
After staying at J's house for a week, I realized she needed a few things.  Ya know, when your daughter gets married I think you get a little caught up in the "basics" for your kitchen and forget about things that you really need.  That is if you have a daughter like I do who loves to cook.  Jordan actually has a really well stocked kitchen and some of this stuff on here is stuff I want!  However, J, G, and C, you'll probably see a few of your Christmas presents on here.... oops.  Anyway, I decided to point out a few things that I think our daughters (or sons who love to cook) need! Or really, anyone who loves to cook!
These are some great Christmas present ideas
First up! Battery operated salt and pepper mills. (I love mine)
 WS again
 I thought this and the next were great!  I hate to slice both
WS again

 okay, we love corn in the Boggs' fam.  I can't tell you how many times we have used this thing.
we grossly, jokingly call it the Ped Egg.  EWE!  Hey I'm just looks just like one
WS again
 This is a large wooden paddle.  Great for stirring anything.  And wonderful when your kids act up :)
 I'm a garlic lover and seriously folks.  This one is truly the best garlic press I've ever tried
 Your wisks should always have a thick handle.  I'm lovin this copper bowl too!
 Like I said....I'm a garlic lover.  You HAVE to have one of these.  They will take the peeling off your garlic in a jif.  Seriously
 If you wanna splurge.  Oh be still my heart.
 Okay, I am wondering this.....I've given a ton of wedding gifts.  No one EVER puts a salad bowl on their registry.  Why is that?  Anyway, this one came from
 and these are a must to go with that salad bowl
C and B
cookie spatula
I loved the idea of a cookie scoop.  How easy is that?
 Must 8 cup measuing cup.  I use mine for making tea in the microwave.  I absolutely love this accessory
 yes, we still need to use sifters
 and potato mashers

 I just fell in love with these white dishes.  Love em!
 about every 3 or 4 years ya need to get new baking pans
Sur la Table
 and these are a "must have"
Sur la Table
Drying Mat.  I was just introduced to these and they are a "must have"
and to go with that, they need another must have.....THE OVE GLOVE does what it says it does
CVS Parmacy

 and finally....if there is anything at all that you need off this blog, this is it.
Seriously, the BEST pairing knife EVER
Sur la Table
can I seriously say seriously anymore?
Have a wonderful (what day is it anyway?) y'all!
I'm headed back outta town to have a fun little get together with "W"s fam.
(and get into some good ole fashioned Southern style "Auburn beat Alabama"convo)
Boo hoo, we lost
Auburn played a fantastic game though!

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  1. Those are all great grown daughter mom got me a new piece of furniture for Christmas......I got it early....... :-)