Friday, November 26, 2010

Stuffed,,,,are you?

We ate outside!  On a beautiful warm, balmy day outside on the patio of my sister's house.
the table settings were simplistic.  All stuff cut out of the yard, vases tied up with a burlap bow.
Tablecloths, a bolt of burlap
a turkey roasted in an aluminum pan.....upside down I might add....oops on me!
 Brotha Clay got a little silly (as usual)
 Kim and I fought over the kitchen (this is unphoto shopped btw)
Kim won.
 just one of my handsome nephews Elliot
 Dad threatened to "sue" his own daughter if this pic any of his pics showed up on FB.  
It's not!!! it's on my blog - haha! (dad, have your lawyer contact mine)
 It was a blessing having mom there!
 and I got a pic of her and my wonderful brother Clay
 My SIL Mary and beautiful daughter Sally (who looks just like the prince's future wife)
 We talked about the "doozy strap" (which by the way is a GREAT stocking stuffer)!!!
 my sweet cousin Bruce (on the right) had put together a genealogy report for us to gander.
My other nephew (who just won "best looking" at Mtn. Brook High) is in the grey shirt.
 Kim did a fantastic job organizing this whole thing!
 I loved our little centerpieces!!!  we put acorns in the bottom and just started stuffing!
It was a collaborated effort between Val, Claire, and me! (Val had the acorn idea, and Claire had the ribbon idea) aren't they precious???? and CHEAPO....
 Gregory and "W" most likely talked business the whole time.
Gregory is a replica inside and out of "W".  "W" by the way is up to a 25lb weight loss!!! I'm SO proud of him.
 My wonderful, wonderful, wonderful cousin Bruce came with his equally wonderful wife Ann.
Oh, it was just so good to see them.  It's been 5 long years.
 Talented, smart, SIL Val who is precious to me
 We actually had TOO much food this year.  I mean, seriously folks you shoulda seen it.
 Such a fun time and wonderful conversation!
 My handsome brother Jack
 Dad telling a guess is that he turned a 3 minute story into a 30 minute one.
(it's okay dad, I do the same thing!)
 Finally I get a posed pic!!!  Aren't they beautiful???? Niece Harper
 And the Schnell family acting silly!!!
 and then the Graves family acting silly!!!
 sweet Amy (Gregory's girlyfriend) with the bear hug!
 Then we had to do a modeling session with Harper and Claire.
 I mean seriously folks.  I'm just gonna say it.  I've got some good lookin nieces and nephews.
 and again!
 and again.....Modeling agency's contact me.
There is so much love in our family and I'm so happy to shout that out to the world!!!
Hope yours was just as wonderful as ours.
ROLL TIDE y'all!
Beat them Tigers!


  1. What a lovely family and I adore the centerpieces - great idea! It was quite balmy here in Kentucky, yet soaked with rain. And it dropped 30 degrees overnight and now there's snow on the ground! Made for an interesting Thanksgiving!

  2. Great pic`s, had not seen Jackie & Mary in a very long time!!! Love to all...

  3. We had a WONDERFUL afternoon with your family. Everyone was so sweet and I really enjoyed meeting them all. Thanks for letting us join you! Such a nice family to get to know a little better!