Tuesday, November 23, 2010

$tupid $tamp

Is there such a thing?
If so, I need to $tamp it right on my big fat fore head.
I bought this yesterday.
 Had to have it.  Just couldn't stand it.  I fell in love.

There is this fabulous shop here in Birmingham (actually Homewood) called White Flowers.
shout out...www.whiteflowers.com
Well, every time I go in there I just go freakin nuts.  Everything in there is White.  
Oh be still my heart.
So,,,,I bought this white shirt.....very artsy
  (I thought it went perfectly with the 20 other white shirts I have in my closet)
Okay.....am I the only one who does that?  has that many white shirts  in their closet?
They're just so darn easy.  period.
Sorry, I'm digressing.
Anyway, I bought the flower, brought it home, ooh ed and aah ed about it and then it hit me like a brick wall.....
I mean seriously folks, how hard would this be to make?
this is what I did with that flower:
see, I really didn't need anything accentuating my big fat a$$ so I tailored the shirt.
It looks really, really cute on (when it's straighter than this pic), and is long enough to wear with leggins.
Anyway, I went to three different fabric stores looking for the fabric to no avail.
Have you ever looked for gauze in the middle of November?
I wanted another one of these flowers in black! I did find a fabric that I thought would work....
a gauzey black fabric.  I added a little felt fabric to add some stability.
so. Let's see!
First of all, if you live in Birmingham, the Joanns by the Galleria stinks.  Really, the worst one I've ever visited.
Here's how I made this:
well, that's not quite finished, but I'll show you later.
First you need this
 then some gauze fabric
 cut the gauze in a couple of different sizes of circles
 then cut them into flowers.  You don't have to be perfect (as you can tell by mine)
and...put a glob of hot glue in the middle
 add a small felt flower
 keep layering, just add more and more flowers until you get the look you want.
while the glue's still hot squeeze the back together
 I also added a little starfish (sorta) looking thing
 not sure why this came out in grey but I'm glad so you can see how it really looks!
 sew the pin on the back
 and here's mine!!!
 and I also couldn't resist this top for the holidays (added the flower of course)
 and then mine in black!
I'll admit,,,,still like the White Flowers one best, but mine will serve it's purpose.
oh,,,,,the White Flowers flower was 58 smackers.  Mine? 5.00
Happy Tuesday y'all!
Moved her back to the nursing home yesterday.  She is doing GREAT!!!! Culture however grew more MRSA ughhhhhhh! but she is so lucid!!!  I mean more than in months.  We are going to get to bring her home for the day for Thanksgiving.  You prayer warriors are working overtime!!!
Thank you!


  1. Hey girl, I couldn`t believe what you wrote on your blog cause i am a white shirt girl also!!! when in doubt,wear white,which i always end up wearing!!! Love to you & family...so glad Mom is going to be with family for Thanksgiving!!!

  2. I'm just like my favorite aunt!!! :)))) I love you sweet Aunt E

  3. I went to Joann's for the first time yesterday looking for a particular fabric I had found at king cotton. It was PERFECT for the stockings I'm making however, king cotton was sold out of it. I was so disappointed when Joann's didn't carry it. Can't wait to show off my finished creations though. They're still gonna be super cute :)