Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Favourite Day of the Year

Well, it's here!  My favourite day of the year.  Turkey Day.
Oh how I love this holiday!
I was grocery shopping yesterday with Jordan and I told her that I saw that Gap was going to be opened today from 1 - 6.  Now can you believe that right now?????
I mean seriously folks.  Thanksgiving is the one universal holiday.
I mean everyone, every religion celebrates this day and I believe it should be held sacred until AT least 12:01 Friday morning.

okay, anyway, I love Thanksgiving.  I love everything about it.  I know I'm being selfish but this is a kind of a bittersweet year for me.  I have done Thanksgiving at my house now for at least 15 years.  This year however, we are having it at sister's house.  
yes, I photo shopped the wrinkles out of both of our faces. (I had to work a lot harder on my face) (my God child niece was watching me and she oh so innocently said "you don't have to do as much to Kim's".........)
it's a good thing she had her wisdom teeth out this week and was on pain meds. Otherwise that would've been grounds for a good ole fashioned Aunt Kendall style whoopin. 
Back to Thanksgiving
With all that has gone on with mom we just felt it was better to do it in Birmingham.  We are going to get to bring her home for the day!
THAT is what I am most THANKFUL for!
When I do Thanksgiving I go to ridiculous lengths.  I cook it all, except for a few desserts.  hey, I'm a control freak, okay? I love to get out the fine china and do all the fun Thanksgiving decorations.  I have paper whites everywhere and we eat til we're gonna pop, and then eat some more.  Kids sleep all over the house, we play golf and tennis the next day and I love watching my nieces and nephews re-bond every year.  We usually have about 35 and half stay at my house.
The night before Thanksgiving, Santa arrives at The Ritz Carlton and we usually go see him arrive in some crazy concoction that they have him.  One year he came in from a helicopter. yep.  Then they do fireworks!
Oh, I'm missing my home.  I've been in B'ham now for a week.
Funny thing, I am coming out in my sister this week.  She has gone to CRAZY lengths to get her house just perfect.  And it looks amazing!
oops.  Digressing again.
Okay, ya know, I should have posted my two favourite Thanksgiving recipes before now, but hey, save these for Christmas because they are really, really yummerlicious.  They are two recipes passed down to me from my Papa. P.S.  I doubled both of these recipes.
My father's favorite dish!
 all you do is mix all this up

and pour it in a casserole dish....Now.  The tricky part about this dish is that my "Papa" never got the timing right.  It could take 45 min. or it could take 1 1/2 hrs.  Just allow for the 1 1/2 hours.
on to the next favourite:
Corn Puddin.
oh yummerliciousness.
 I cut up the butter, slightly softened
 mix it all up really well
 throw in the eggs
 and the frozen corn
 we're using paper and aluminum products this year.
The men will be SO happy.
and why is that so?  Why do men LOVE paper plates?
You know, cookie decorators just don't get the respect they deserve.  It is just down right hard to decorate a cookie.  I made some yesterday.  These:
(it took me 3 hours to bake 14 cookies)
I had some help washing the beater
The cookie's not the hard part but the decoratin.  Well, "W" goes "what's that supposed to be?
It looks a little like a squirrel.  


  1. Cute picture of You and Kim...Thanks for sharing your recipes...Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family...

  2. Hi Kendall. I just spent a while catching up on your blog. I love all of the recipes! I can't wait to write some of these down and give them a try. Also, I think it's wonderful that you are recording your daily life for your children/grandchildren. It will certainly be a treasure for all of them someday! Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family! And, thanks for sharing!! Hope your mom is improving.
    Ann Pack