Monday, November 15, 2010

A Man's Favourite Appetizer

Let me just tell you right now,,,,,the only thing your man will like better than this app is if you cook em in the nude.
Did I really just write that????
I'm serious.
This is an ole staple that I've cooked for years and years.  Fully clothed I might add.
Grilled bacon wrapped water chestnuts.
Can you say......YUM?
We had a function at the gallery last night and I decided to cook these up
So, here ya go.
Start with these ingredients:
soak the toothpicks for AT LEAST an hour (I didn't and I fried them)

cut the bacon into thirds TIP: Bacon cuts easier when it's REALLY cold
 Oh, I just had to show you these darling little bowls I found at Crate and Barrel this past weekend.
They look like they are larger than they are but they're actually really tiny.
Aren't they cute???
 Anyway....use WHOLE water chestnuts
 take a piece of the bacon
 and wrap it around the chestnut.  Then secure it with a toothpick
 Marinade them in Moores Steak Sauce can use Dales.  BUT it is really, really salty.
  Then throw em on a super dirty grill. (like mine)
 Okee Dokee you prayer warriors out there!
Mom is having her hip re-implanted this Thursday.
Can you believe it's been 6 weeks?  yep.
Let's start prayin!
You guys mean the world to me and I mean it!
Have a wonderful Tuesday y'all!
oh wait!!!  Sorry, I just can't let you go.....
New painting
"Dripping Trees"
40 x 40 Mixed media on canvas - framed


  1. Looks delish, will have to try these for sure!!! LOVE to PAT I will keep her in my prayers!!! LOVE to you!!!

  2. Yum, Yum, Yum! Have been praying for your family and your Mom, will definetly continue. Beautiful new painting! Love mine more but I really dig the lines in the trunks!!!