Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time for Some Christmas Planting!

Every year I plant these:
 OH how I love my amaryllis!
I start with a simple bowl or vase.  These came from Anthropologie and I think they still have em.
 I fill mine with stones.
The stones came from Michaels.  Now. You can use stones or dirt.  Which ever you desire.
 It's just this easy.  
Trim the roots.  Secure the bulb in the stones so that they don't tip over when they grow taller. And keep em watered!
(How bout that blue screen on my TV back there?)
And while I'm on the blue screen.... Why don't they just make a simple ON-OFF button on remote controls anymore? I can't get the darn blue screen off my TV.
I mean really.  All I want is an ON-OFF button....ON-OFF.   Is that too much to ask????
 Don't worry, I'm not leaving these little babies alone by themselves on the table.  Because I use all live greenery, I don't decorate til the 2nd week in December.  And I'm sure you'll see what I do.  Trust me.

Actually, as I'm looking at this pic I realize that I'm going to move these somewhere else.  Maybe to the buffet and then I've got a surprise for you for the centerpiece of my table.  Probably Wed or Thursday's blog.
Now, on to paperwhites....I usually order all of my bulbs from a company on line but this year I just got em at Home Depot....i.e. cheap.
Let's hope they will thrive!
Start with a bowl, any kind that you can find from your house.  I chose this one that just sits around and gets stared at
 since this bowl is quite porous,  I lined it with plastic wrap-actually, that stick and seal stuff (or whatever it's called, I'm too lazy to get up and check that out for you) (I'll let you know if it works)
 fill with dirt or stones
 then just stick those sweet little babies in there! Be sure to water frequently
 So, now that I decided the amaryllis will be on the buffet, I will move these somewhere else!  Heck, I may just put paperwhites all over my house.  I love the way they smell.  Some people however think they smell like badddddd breath. (I must like the smell of bad breath) 
Be sure to stay tuned!  As soon as I find some really good magnolia leaves I'm gonna show you how to make a magnolia wreath.  I'm also going to do moss covered Christmas boxes.  Both are fun, simple and beautiful!
Have a wonderful Tuesday y'all!

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