Monday, November 29, 2010


Time to stock up on the world's favorite adult (and kid) beverage holder!!!
and guess what?????
THEY'RE 40% OFF!!!!
It's a brilliant invention for a handsfree beverage enjoyment!!!
It's a DOOZY!
My smart, sweet, wonderful son sells these!!!  AND I might add, is having a sale on them right now for Christmas!
Look at all the things you can do while "THE DOOZY" holds your beverage!!!
 not a bad swing while holding THE DOOZY
 even lil kids like THE DOOZY!
 don't know that I'd recommend the bottle one here
 or here
 now...this is a TRUE Southern gentleman.  Notice he takes his shoe off before putting it on the table
and he's MAN enough to wear a PINK DOOZY
 Dogs love THE DOOZY
 and....they come in LOTS of colors, AND you can have them customized!!!
This is THE PERFECT stocking stuffer!!!
and type in
for your 40% discount!!!!
Have a great Monday y'all!
(it's W's birthday!)

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  1. i love that josh made the cut! his buddy michael did a flip on his wakeboard wearing his! :)