Saturday, November 20, 2010

When was the last time?

You hung out with a bunch of college buds???
Well, "W" graduated from Samford University.  A beautiful university in the middle of Homewood, Alabama.
We have one child there now and one that graduated from there.
It is is wonderful, wonderful college if any of you readers out there have never heard of it.
Anyway, last night I got a little surprise reprieve from "mom sittin" and went to dinner with some of W's college buds who have turned into buds of mine as well. 
Some we haven't seen seriously since we were married!
Some didn't come:( and we missed them.
We had such a wonderful (and needed for me!) evening.
It's something you all should do sometime.
Catch up on some old (young) friends

The best Host and Hostess in the world!!!

Jimbo and Cindoo
 Beautiful Anita
 we found that the only thing that changed about most of us is this.....we had to pass around glasses.

 Joan and Crockett, still givin each other a hard time!!!!  (they are SO much fun!)

 The guys! (it's really hard to believe it's been more than 30 years since college) wow.
 When have you spent time with your college buds?

*****MOM UPDATE*****
boy did I get an earful yesterday.
First of all, I was feeding her breakfast yesterday morning.  She looked up and me with the sweetest eyes and said "you are SO cute"....omg I'm tearing up as I'm writing this.
Then.....I went back to Jordan's and took a nap.
Went back at 12 to an absolute angry little monster.
WHEW was she mad.  I had not told her yet that they didn't put the hip back in and someone else told her.  She was just a terror.  "Where is my hip????? I want my hip back!"  
she was in and out of lucidity and at one point ask if it was on a shelf in Wallmart.  Okay, had to laugh at that one.   Anyway, oh please you prayer warriors, pray for patience
Have a wonderful Saturday y'all!


  1. her old hip was apparently from walmart. durn cheap hip.

  2. Pete`s Dad helped design & build SOME of Samford. Long,long time ago!!! Keeping our fingers crossed & prayers coming for Pat & family!!!

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! How ironic!!!!! I have been (actually me and Ken have been....) cleaning out alot of STUFF in my attics and boys rooms. Well, I happened to get in a container of mine with MY stuff:))) A couple of CHI O composites from the good ole S.U. days when I was also there with Mr. "W" :))) CROCKETT was our "owl man" or something like that one time. I actually looked at the picture and thought " I wonder where he is today???" I THINK I remember him dating my little sister in Chi O ....Mary. Such a nice guy. How ironic to see these guys now:)))) So many memories from back when:)))) Thanks for bringing them back:))