Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Fun Two Days

"W" and I have had the pleasure of having our niece/Godchild Claire and her best friend Maggie for a couple of days.
Oh, how it brings back the days of being 16.  (not us) just being around our kids when they were 16.  How I miss that.  The only difference is that there was no text messaging when ours were that age. That ding goes off every minute!!!
Here's where the two got to sleep.
Doesn't this just make you wanna cuddle up on one a those and take a napster?
 and of course I had to give my sweet niece a "sweet sixteen" birthday present.
A painting of her first prom dress

Here's Maggie and Claire

 then the three of us
 and of course sweet niece and me
Lucky me!!! I have tons of nieces and nephews to entertain out here!!!
have a wonderful Saturday y'all!


  1. Thank you Aunt Kendall!

  2. Your dress is precious kendall!! I love the pic of the prom dress as well. You're so talented!!

  3. "aunt" Kendall,

    thank you oh so much for letting Claire & I stay at your house for the past two days ! We had a blast and your house is GORGEOUS as are you :) Thank you so much for showing us the club and letting us ride your bikes (i sure am glad we didnt get hit by a golf ball when we were on those trails) haha . I had a wonderful time ! thank yall so much for everything :)

    yours truly,
    Maggie "Boggs" <3

  4. your hanging beds are amazing! just found your blog and your artwork...absolutely gorgeous. hoping to buy a piece soon for my baby girl.