Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Cottage Drapery Tutorial

First of all, let me give a BIG SHOUT OUT to
Design Chic
well, she was the winner of the dress that I gave away the other week.
Her daughter and she does the blog and y'all, it is just FAB.
she blogged about the dress she won!
You have to see how she used it in a room.  (Makes me think I need to start staging my art).....
Okay, hop on over and get inspired, and you will I promise. And THANK YOU Design Chic for doing such a beautiful blog!!!
My poor little Callen has been waiting since Christmas for some Cafe' curtains for her kitchen window (that I gave her the fabric for and haven't made them).
Well, we realized she couldn't do "cafe'" curtains because she has wood blinds and that would look silly so I just did some simple little drapery panels.
I don't have the pic of them hanging on her window, (cause I'm here and she's there) but you will see them on Monday,
along with a few other transformations of draperies that I've been workin on.
Here is the finished product:
aren't they cutestey???  The fabric came from King Cotton in Birmingham, Al.  After that, not a clue what the name sorry!
Can't wait for you (and me) to see them hanging in her kitchen!!!)
Okay, here's how you make em.
First measure the window....duh. (add 1" to each side and 8" for the top and bottom) I used one width of fabric per panel.  Wider windows will need more (but that's for another tutorial)
 lay your fabric out flat right side up
 since I did a pair I matched up the dots. You do the same!

 Now, lay the lining right side down and cut the lining on the sides 3" more narrow than the width
 and cut it 2" shorter on the length
 turn under the bottom of the lining 1/4" then turn it under 2" and sew for the finished edge
 Turn under the bottom of the drapery 1/2" and then 3 1/2" and do a hem stitch
 like this (setting for my machine) If your's doesn't have one, don't fret, just hand sew or make a straight stitch
 then blind hem
 and what it looks like from the front
 now the backside of the drapery hem should look like this
 pin down one side of the panel with edges meeting
 when you get to the bottom, do this (confused yet?) (will answer any questions btw)

the other side of the panel should look like this
now, bring that lining over and pin (obviously the width of the lining is a good bit more narrow than the main fabric)
and sew
 this is what the back should look like now.  Press the sides down really neatly.
Side note.  I'm a BIG time presser.  I believe this is the MOST important part of sewing is making sure you press your seams.  Very important.
 and here it is so far
now for the top.  Turn under 1/2" and press, then turn under 3 1/2" and press.  Then stitch through all thicknesses.

Mine came out exactly 35" which is what I wanted.  I had to allow 1" for the rod and rings.
 It should now look like this on the front (please excuse the background) omg.......
 and the back should look like this!
Note.  Normally I would use felt interlining, but "felt" (no pun intended) like the fabric was heavy enough.  If you use lighter fabric, I highly recommend using an interlining.
 Now, take these cute lil rings.  Not sure what that little squiggly contraption is on there but take it off if there is one on yours.
 Measuring exactly in between each ring.  I chose 8 rings so I think mine was 7 1/4" in between each ring.  These ring clips are so, so awesome.  And they will hold anything.
and again!  the finished product!
(just pretend that's a window)!
Before I go, I wanna show you these itty bitty dress paintings that I'm doin.
I think they are wonderful little bridesmaids gifts, baby gifts, lil girl gifts, friend gifts....just sweet lil 4 x 4 paintings! and I can do them in any color/fashion
They are 40.00 each and I am trying to get them on my website as well as other art so please be patient!  Still learning the website!!!
Have a fabulous day y'all!
me?  goin back to Scott Antiques!!!


  1. I'm definitely not a seamstress, but you make it look so easy...they're wonderful!!

  2. I just can't wait to see YOU MOM, I am excited about the curtains, but even more excited that you are staying with me for the night. Love you.

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial, these look gorgeous.