Friday, April 29, 2011

A Really Sad Situation

Well, I was going to blog about the Wesleyan Art Show that I'm a part of  but I woke up this morning feeling sad for all the people affected in what I call my hometown Birmingham.  Wow.  That's just the only thing I know to say.  If you're like me, you watched the tornado live (and in horror) on The Weather Channel.  I know exactly where they were filming.  It was where "W" and I had our wedding reception.  "The" Club. On top of a beautiful ridge in Birmingham where you can see for miles and miles over this wonderful city.  Anyway I watched as the monster storm swept North of the city of Birmingham leaving incredible destruction and loss of life.  So, so sad.  I am on my knees however thanking God that my kids are all okay.  The tornado literally was headed straight for Callen's and Gregory's homes and took a north turn.
This is how powerful those things are.  I just heard on the Atlanta news that a Tuscaloosa phone book fell from the sky in someone's yard here in Atlanta.  That is 200 miles away folks!  Unreal.  The University of Alabama was spared but I know people who's friends (college kids) were killed. The city of Tuscaloosa is a total loss. My sweet niece was 2 blocks away from the tornado and when I talked to sister yesterday she broke down and just sobbed uncontrollably.  She just wanted Ally home with her.  They have closed the school and told the kids to go home, no finals, just leave.  Some sororities said the kids had to be out by 3:00 yesterday.  Can you imagine that?  Telling these kids yesterday morning that they had to leave by 3?  These kids and parents have got to just be so confused.  Not only was Tuscaloosa destroyed, so were cities near Atlanta.  Many many homes destroyed and people killed.  Please join me in praying for all those affected. 
If you would like to help out, my daughter Jordan's church is a driving force to help.  You can go to their site at 
They are gathering items for folks that have been affected.
Many blessings on all of you, and especially my friends/readers in Birmingham
My prayers are with you.


  1. I am so sorry for the loss and the destruction. Prayers and love to the victims.

  2. Sending thoughts and prayers to everyone impacted by this tragedy.

  3. Along with the sorrow and destruction you also hear stories of how people were saved. Also, school rivalries disappear and people come together to help their fellow man. Many tearful prayers going out to all involved it this event of nature.