Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Fun Design Project

I think I'm turning back into my old "designer" self!
I'm lovin it!!!
A friend in need, needs a little help with a house that she is leasing for about a year.
See, she's renovating her home and leasing another while renovating
(it's a perty major renovation) I mean like "you need to move outta your house" kind.
Anyway, her previous furniture didn't really work in the rental house and she's planning on buying new stuff for the newly renovated house anyway.  Enter in, a somewhat complicated issue.
Decorating a rental home with furniture that we will be able to use in the new home!
what to do????
Go shopping!
Here's some of the stuff we found.  She's very neutral which is what I'm loving right now and will make it very easy for the transformation to the new home.
Oh and the rental house is so cool.  Looks right over a beautiful stocked lake for fishing.
It's not laid out great because the people that built it, in my humble opinion (and my friends') didn't make use of some beautiful outdoor space, but, here in Atlanta and where they wanted to be, believe it or not, rental property is a commodity.  Especially when you're talking about a very large house.
So, we visited a couple of shops yesterday.
Starting with
Restoration Hardware.
First of all, we are starting with the living room, the music room and the eating area.

Here we go with the living room.
A white sofa and love seat
we'll add a white chair out of the same collection to this

lovin this barrel table to go in between the sofa and loveseats
and two lamps (not sure about these)

and this coffee table from Restoration Hardware

we need a console (South of Market)
with an awesome painting above
maybe this? wink wink

and a woven hemp rug.  This is where I'm going to encourage her to add a little depth of color with maybe the 3rd one from the left
Now for the eating area:

love button.....RH
with these chairs, slipcovered in an off white
these may be a little too "out there" for her but I'm lovin these barstools
Now,,,,there is a really long hallway (really long) with a really long open wall
enter two of these:
with this in the middle

be still my heart.
or maybe a Marilyn Borglum painting (very large) and isn't this totally awesome?????
Now on to the music room
We are painting the room a light slate grey (ya know, I'm lovin that grey!!!)
And doing another white sofa
oh, love, love, love this

lovin these round end tables

with these....Arteriors

and two of these chairs SOM 
they will face one another

with these pillows
a baby grand will corner the room
then this.  LOVE
And then do a rug like this

the off white one (RH)
Now for the screened porch
Two of these from South of Market
and a little wine, bistro table SOM
with these two fish chairs (so cool!) SOM
and for extra seating
what cha think?????


  1. 3 words: Scotchgard that sofa.

  2. Love it!!!! When I move, I may need YOU to come decorate for me! Nicely done! :-)