Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Countess Place, Morgan Freeman, and Shrimp and Grits

Okay. first of all this is going to be a lonnnnnng blog.  Besides one of my favorite actors living in Mississippi, I'm here visiting Cindoo at The Countess Place, her home and getting to do all the fun things that a proper "countess" would get to do.
Like hob nob have dinner (a wonderful one I might add)
with this perfectly delightful man.
Recognize him?
I was totally "giddy"
before I go any further, you will love this.  In the middle of dinner, Callen called freaked out because a tornado was going straight for her house.  I said "here talk to Morgan Freeman, he'll tell you what to do"
So, Morgan gets on the phone and says "Callen, you're going to be okay (in that oh so distinguished, delicious voice of his) and you know what? 
She thought he was the "AllState" man saying "it's okay, we're here to help you"
oh my gosh, she is so much like me it's scary
I said later, Callen, let's try The Shawshank Redemption, um, March of the Penguins, God himself????
okay, here he is enjoying a slew full of beautiful girls!
Just Morgie and the gals (we were in heaven)
(I kinda think he was too!!!)
a wonderful, relaxed, humble man, who made our amazing dinner so fun!
Thank you Morgan!
Now, when you visit Mississippi, you have to go to Peter's Pottery.
A little sneak preview...

 this is what I purchased.  Idn't that cute????
 Cindy bought Amy and Greg's first wedding gift!
 At the "Countess Place" in a good ole Mississippi thunderstorm!

 her barn.  Oh, it's just so peaceful here!!!
 Now on to Cindoo's shrimp - n - grits!  I got to be the cutter upper
 Stacey came for a quick visit and cocktail! (aren't they both darling?)
 and we had a champagne toast
 the farm
 Sweet Sassie made the most amazing desert!!!!
 But I can't remember the name!!! It was I think some kind of Bavarian dish!
There's the finished product.  oh, yummerliciousness
There's Cindoo cookin them shrimp!

 And, my new friend Heather was there!!!  She's SO funny!!!
 by this time? it was smellin really, really good at The Countess Place
 of course a little wine
 Did I mention that Cindy is an amazing cook?
 my plate, and yes, I ate every bit.
 Fun night had by all!
Meet us at Turnrow Books for the big event!
Martha Foose book signing, and my solo show
George McConnell will be playing!
5:30 - on
Greenwood, MS
 Have a great day y'all!


  1. WHAT! YOU GOT TO MEET MORGAN FREEMAN!?!?!?! I'm speechless. Is it blasphemous to say I hope he really does share the same voice as God, because I love it! And what is he doing just hanging out at someone's house having dinner? I guess celebrities do have some normalcy after all ;) Ok, I have to stop rambling now. I'm just shocked you spent a whole evening hanging out with Morgan Freeman.

  2. I can't even talk about how beautiful the farm is and the delish looking food...Morgan Freeman...WOW!! That is really exciting and, by the way, you look stunning!!

  3. Look, there's Morgan Freeman, just hanging out in the kitchen!! How cool is that?? I love him - one of my favorite actors. I think his voice would calm me in a tornado, too. That dessert looks delicious and I love the bottle tree in your friend's back yard. So great!

  4. I knew exactly which pottery you would have picked!!! Scary very scary!!! Love you,Aunt E;)..