Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I woke up this morning reflecting a little on my blog yesterday.
by the way my finger is still intact and healing nicely :)
I doubt I'll be sticking my finger in the dirty soapy water at my manicurist anytime soon though.
Jordan called me and said
"MOM, that was the grossest thing EVER that you put that on your blog"
sorry! I just wanted you to feel my pain!!!
I guess since I'm over 50 I'm allowed to pass on a little advice to my younger readers.
about friendships.
And how important they are.  It's different than the friendship you share with your husband.  Although that's the number one friendship you should covet.....but that's for another blog.  I've encountered so many different types of friends in my 51 years here on this earth.  I'm so lucky to have so many wonderful, diverse "best" friends.  Some are laid back, some are hyper, some are talkers, some just choose to sit and listen (most have to when they are around me!)
Some like to go and do all the time, others prefer to stay in the comfort of their home.
It's okay with me!  I'm lucky that I can go with them or go to their home and visit.
I just think having friends is one of the most important things we can all do for our well being.  Someone to share your most intimate thoughts, to be there with you in times of sickness as well as health.  Someone to talk on the phone with, to cry with, to laugh with.   
It's funny, as you get older, you tend to start closing the door on developing new friends.  It's just harder to make new friends.  I often wonder why that's so, but it's true!  I find that people typically gravitate to the norm and just don't want to make the effort that a new friend might entail.  I think that's sad.  A new  best friend might be right around the corner.
Enter "E"
(I feel so honored when people ask if we're sisters!)
I met my friend "E" about 3 years ago when a group of girlfriends and I went out to Canyon Ranch on a "health" (haha, I say that with a huge laugh) week.
Actually we were very healthy but ate too much and drank to much.
"E" is a giver.  Big time.
At Canyon Ranch they don't serve or have alcohol on the premises.
She paid someone to take her into Tucson to buy bottles of wine for us to have in our house,,,,then snuck it all in in huge brown paper sacks!
She gives enormously of herself all though she doesn't think she does.  I don't know that I've ever met someone that gives like she does without needing anything in return and it blows my mind that she doesn't even realize it.
Actually this blog was supposed to be about friendships in general and it has warped into a blog about "E".  I guess she just reflects everything that you could want out of a friend so why go on about friendships?  I'll just talk about her.
Like a couple of days ago.  I called her to talk about HER!  About what she's going through in the loss of her friend.  She wrangled the conversation around to where she was talking about me. (well maybe I did that) haha! She had to talk about my art and tell me how beautiful my newest painting was.  She had to find out about Easter and of course had to send Evelyn and Bennet new Easter goodies.  She spent the time counseling me (she is a lawyer) about legal advice I should give a friend.  Even in her despair, she wouldn't allow me to talk about her.
I wish I could be the kind of friend that "E" is.
She inspires me daily to be a better person.
....and friend

Tell your friend you love her today.
and keep the door open on new friendships.
A new best friend might be just around the corner!

Have a wonderful day y'all!


  1. What a great reminder to us all, Kendall. As a new blog friend, I must add, that you are easy to befriend with your warm and amiable manner. You and E look stunning - great photo!!

  2. tears while reading true...Mother Teresa's contemporary...