Monday, April 25, 2011

Did I Mention I LOVE Easter?

The innocence of children getting a new firetruck (thank you G-man aka..."W")
who went out Easter Eve and found this for Evers.
She wanted PINK.  But we didn't have time to paint it.
Bennett enjoyed it just as  much I do believe
 I love that Evey had to wear her "Hunter" Boots all day
 waiting for the eggs to dye.
 I love a happy baby
 Especially when he's with me!!!
and so does Uncle Clay!
 and I love that Jordan and Eric are so happy!
and that Evey loves her Aunt Boo! (and Aunt Boo loves her more than anything)
 I love that 3 grown boys men can have fun with and laugh at a two year old little girl
 and a not so young man a distinguished older gentleman can too
(Lil Bunny Foo Foo)
 speaking of distinguished.  WOW isn't he handsome?  So proud that he's my dad!
 not sure whom he likes best, sister?
 or me....just so glad he's in my life.
BTW, did I mention that she's a year older than me???
I love that "W" and I have raised a daughter who adores her children
 speaking of adoring......
 I love that I have a hubby that loves unconditionally
 and a daughter that does too!
 here they are feeding Bennet chips? (Jordan, skip this pic fast)
 I love that I've taught my kids the joy of cooking
 and to love
 Lil Mr. Blue Eyes. Oh be still my Bennett lovin heart!
 I love that my sister is so happy and that she has such wonderful kids. (and boy are they tall!)
course, Kim's a squirt
 did I mention handsome too?
 I love that Callen has chosen this wonderful person to be in her life.
 I know I'm biased but I think they make an adorable couple!
 did I mention that I love Christmas too?
Unfortunately Greg and Amy and her family arrived after the photo sessions. I could fill an entire blog about what I love about them!  Wonderful two that they are!  BOOHOO.
Have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. What a beautiful glad you had such a wonderful Easter!!