Saturday, April 23, 2011

Leaving your Camera

I just happen to love the sweetness of this gown
As you probably noticed, I haven't blogged since Thursday (or was it Wednesday)!
wow, a first I think for me!
well, I walked right out of my house on my way to Birmingham and not only did I leave my camera (hello? it's Easter for Pete's sake)!!!!
.....I left my computer.
Oh, I am going through withdrawals.  Thank goodness Callen doesn't mind if I use hers.  Before I get the DT's.
But pics?  you won't see any.
And "W" and I had the most wonderful dinner last night with good friends.  errrrrg.  no camera for me....I'm sure they didn't mind though since it is usually tied to my hip adding a little more fat to that oh so svelte body of mine. 
Speaking of svelte....yes, I have gotten into the Easter candy.  And, if you want something REALLY good?
Let a cookies and cream bunny melt in the car and then pull open the corner and suck out the melted chocolate. (be sure to let it drip all over you)  OMG. Heaven
Anyway, today I WILL be using my old camera that I gave J when I got my new one this year to show you pics of a fun event.
.... which is....Green Day at Anthropologie.
Anthropologie is honoring "Green Day" and planting trees with the little kids that you bring.  I'm so excited I'm about to bust!
Even though I have a serious "Black" thumb.  I am terrible at planting, and that's one thing on "my bucket list" to work on.  I swear one day I'm going to be a gardener.  I'm just way too impatient.  Gosh, am I digressing or what?
So, you will love this.  Sweet "W".  He has been in NY all week in very stressful meetings.  I have felt so proud of him and so worried for him because of the stress these meetings have put him through.  
He had to get away.  So.....where does a proud granddaddy go?  The American Girl Shoppe of course!
He said the salespeople were swarming him.  Guess they thought a single middle aged man was a perv.
Anyway, he had to get Evey and "Bitty Baby" a matching outfit.
He is the sweetest thing ever and I'm so lucky to have him in my life.
Let's see, what can I talk about next?  
What are you doing for Easter?

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