Sunday, April 3, 2011

Guess What this Week Is????

Well, for all you golf fanatics, you already know!
I get giddy at this week every year because it means that swamps of golfers come on out here to Reynolds and stay at the Ritz.  Augusta is only one hour away so it makes for a perfect place to stay.
And, let me tell you, the golf courses are in PERFECT condition.
Just simply beautiful
"W" and I got out and tried to play played a little round of 18 yesterday.
Let's just say, I wasn't as lucky on the golf course as I was with a scratch off lottery ticket.
But, I took my camera and caught some beautiful shots.  Well, as beautiful as a one leg shorter than the other (which one commenter so eloquently pointed out yesterday)  photographer can get.
So, we started bright and early at 8 a.m.

 This is the Oconee Clubhouse.  It burned to the ground a year and a half ago and they just finished re-building it.  We had lunch after our round of golf and it was AMAZING!!!
 a tough little par 3
 an easy little par three (unless you shank it off to the left and have to hit another)
I think I ended up with a double
 this is where the snakes live (to the right)
 and in here

 you really can't tell by this pic but this is the most beautiful hole on the course.
 the dogwoods are bloomin!

 I just love this house
 and this bridge!
 Speaking of snakes................
 yep, there he was.  and W got out the gun.  The bb went right through him so he had to use other methods.  Poor guy
Have a wonderful Sunday y'all!
I have the honor of having my brother and three of his friends coming to stay with us tonight!!!
Five men all to myself!
Lucky me!


  1. Reminds me of Riverchase Country Club's golf course:):):):) sort of:) BUT...there is a FABULOUS house for sale on the 17th fairway if anyone is interested:)) Beautiful pics Kendall and can only imagine how beautiful it is in Augusta for the Master's. Jess is with The Bruno Event Team and they will handle the senior's "masters" at Shoal Creek coming EVERYONE BUY TICKETS! :) A great time for you and "W" to visit grand kids and bring ALL your friends! Ok....what else can I advertise on your blog:))))LOL!

  2. I bet that house on the 17th fairway is spectacular......and I bet I know to whom it belongs!!!! :) Good luck!!! Birmingham is looking spectacular right now. The dogwoods are just amazing!