Monday, April 4, 2011

"Lucky Me!" and a great Asparagus recipe

I think a girl would love growin up with 5 boys and just her.
That must be awesome!  Just think ALL that attention!
That's how I felt yesterday when my bro brought 3 other guys with him here.
So, besides "W" attending to me, I got to hang with 4 other guys.  How fun is that?
So, what do I do???? I cook! Man style.
We had THEBESTFILETSEVER. Smashed garlic new potatoes and little prosciutto wrapped asparagus. I know, that was a tad bit girly, but hey, they can handle a girly dish.....and they did.
(I'll get to that asparagus in a sec)
But first, my handsome bro and his friends (that's him second from left)
they had to chill on the porch with Rotel and a little ladies golf.
and aren't you proud of those ladies that men now wanna watch them?
AWESOME! (I think David fell asleep over there)
on to the asparagus
take the stems of theses yummy things and marinate them in garlic powder and olive oil
take some prosciutto  
 and wrap a strip around these little bundles of joy
 then drizzle some balsamic on top
 and throw em on the grill
 No pic of the final outcome (sorry!) Didn't wanna be overly obnoxious with the camera, but trust me on this, these were OHSOGOOD.....they are really, really good if you let them get a little bit (just a little bit) charred.  
have a wonderful day y'all!


  1. hey. wanted to tell you about instagram on your iphone its awesome for when you forget your camera like me or dont want to lug it around
    (is lug a word?) - anywho its awe to the some
    thanks for another GREAT recipe

  2. That looks delicious...what a good sister you are!!