Friday, April 1, 2011

Major Screwup!

Well, if you wanna make a skirted bench, don't look here at this blog.
I screwed this up in a major way!
I decided my dining room was SOOOOOOO traditional.
I mean, we've had it for 20 years and since it is Baker Furniture, it's too good to throw away.  I don't wanna just "give it away" by selling it either.  Plus the table has Callen's name carved in it (when she was five) so it has sentimental value.
But, our house is on the lake, and I want a more "relaxed" look.
So, what to do, what to do????
I decided one side needed a bench.
Enter,,,,thinking I'm the mother of all sewing techniques....NOT.
I totally screwed this up and it is going to my upholsterer today. period.
First of all, I decided to save a little $$$ and buy the bench at Target.
189 smackers.  Not bad huh?
It is 60" long which was exactly what I needed.
Not bad lookin!  But, I wanted to cover it in the same fabric as the chairs.  I chose to do a box pleat at each corner.......that's where the problem was.  Measured totally wrong.
Not only did I measure wrong, I used the wrong side of the fabric!!! duh!
I was able to cover the top um, that's perty easy.
 um, can you say yuck????
This is what I'm gonna do.  First of all, I'm out of the fabric.  So, I am using an off white linen.  I'm going to tailor it with pleats or gather it on the sides and in the middle.  Then I'm going to have her put batting on the top to "fluff" it up and tuft it with buttons.  I'm going to pipe it in the left over orange fabric for a little contrast.
Let's hope this works out.  errrrrgggg.  I was saying a few four letter words last night.
Have a wonderful Friday y'all!!!
oh, teaser!
New addition to my art
Itty Bitty paintings!
4 x 4's
Great for bookcases, or to group together, bridesmaid's gifts, or Christmas ornaments!
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  1. Does your talent ever end?!

  2. It did last night!!! haha!!! but thank you just the same!

  3. Your NEW ideas sound amazing BUT your bench sure doesn't look like a mess up in my world!!!:)

  4. Today is April Fools and you must be teasing us. While it does not look like your mind's eye it certainly does not look like a screw up. Many would be proud. Have Baker dining also and wish I had not spent all that money years ago. Feel locked in. Even my 3 kids do not want the formal traditional look. Oh well! Hope it turns out as you envisioned.

  5. I know what it's like to be picky and hard to please even yourself, but it is a good looking bench!!

  6. Why are all your pictures lopsided? Is one of your legs longer than the other?

  7. haha! cause I'm a terrible photographer! Thanks for pointing that out. I need to go to photography school!!!