Saturday, April 30, 2011

Preview! The Wesleyan Artist Market

How exciting this event has been!
and it's still going on!
All day today.
Just thought I'd show you a few of the pics of all the wonderful art!
now, this chick is Jenny (from the block) right across from me!  Not only is she a doll!, I love, love, love her work!  So free and fun, reflects what I believe is the type of person that I have quickly come to know.
 then we have a wonderful wood turner!
 Melissa Payne-Baker never disappoints.  Just stunning work
 and then there's beautiful jewelry!
 and bright fun art!
I went totally nuts over this guy's work (I even had to make a purchase!)
 wow.  is this not just stunning?  Made out of a tree (as if you haven't figured that out!)
I mean seriously folks,,,what talent.

 This is Julie Watt's work!  She is a friend of mine and has only been painting for a year!
Amazingly talented!!!
 more jewelry
 lots and lots of crosses!
 I thought this gals work was fun!
 Love this!!!
 Two of our patrons!
 There's Jenny (from da block)!
 and my new friend Anne Moore (fabulous jewelry), just fabulous dahling!!!
 and me! (all of my long angels are gone :) and a few of the other angels. (and crosses)
middle painting sold and Wesleyan bought the bottom painting to hang in their school.  Oh what an unbelievable feeling that is!  So, So excited!!!
The ones with the green trees are sold along with two other large paintings that I was showing!
I have had a fabulous show so far!  I am humbled beyond words by the many people who purchased from me yesterday and so thankful for your affirmation and your encouraging words!.  I just can't tell you how it feels for someone to love a painting that you've painted. And for it to speak to you. (hopefully it says "buy, buy!")  No in all seriousness it is amazingly inspiring and touching.  It makes me really emotional.  To sell 13 paintings in two days is a really big deal for me!!! And the busy day is today!!!
Thank you so much every one!
Come check us out!
Wesleyan School
Norcross, GA
for more info:
have a beautiful Saturday y'all!

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