Monday, April 18, 2011

Blogs I Love!

Do you love to read blogs?
I do!
It's funny though.  Most of the blogs I love are the one's that others have on their side bar as their favorites also.
So, here are some of the blogs I love!
First up.
My fave.....

Slim Paley
hands down she is hilarious, stylish, fabulous photographer.
I just think her blog has it all

Next up....
Abby Maddox
I started reading her blog after her mom (who was my childhood best friend) died about 3 years ago.
Fabulous writer

and then....
Things That Inspire
um....did I mention that she is now selling my art?
Check her out.
So, so, stylish!
If you need design ideas, this is your place.  Follow her journey of homebuilding with her.

and speaking of design blogs...
These two do such a wonderful job on their blog.
It's a mother and daughter team.

in case you don't already follow her....
get in line....
(I think she's got like a gabizillion readers!)

Now, I'd be remiss if I didn't list some of my faithful followers blogs that I adore!
first daughter

then, my future daughter in law!
(idn't that a cute name?)

I need some new blogs to read!!!
Tell me yours!



  1. The Pioneer Woman and Bakerella sites are fun! and

    and this is a good southern one:

  2. Now here is a task I can do well!
    This is an eclectic mix. Not in order of liking. Some design, some cooking, some faith, it is a mix. Several like jonesdesign and missmustard seed (freelance writer for HGTV) have alot of great tutorials. Enjoy!


  3. Dearest Kendall
    You are very sweet!! I'm so honoured to be your "Fave" blog!
    You have been such a faithful reader from my earliest days and I'm much appreciative :)

    PS. That's a good looking crew of family & friends you have!
    Have a wonderful week

  4. We LOVE being included in your favorite blog list-thank you!! We must see a picture of your grandson's nursery...its sounds adorable!!

  5. aw, thanks for the shout-out :) Your blog is always a joy to read. Love it!

  6. I am so honored to be on your favorite list!! I guess that means I need to step it up and do a better job of blogging so that you'll have something to read! :) You are SO SO sweet!! I'm working on my list... I'll get with you!

  7. A friend recently recommended "The Daybook": - mostly fashion

    and I have started blogging alongside my art website:

  8. From following your blog, now I love SLIM PALEY, too!