Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Back in the Saddle Again"

One goal of mine....actually one thing on my "bucket list" has been to ride horses.
See, I've had some pretty serious situations with horses.
When I was in college I was thrown,,,,ended up waking up 15 hours later.
I've been dragged through a sticker patch and scraped from end to end.  I've been run away with on a rogue, mistreated horse in Mexico in a saddle that didn't fit (don't ever go on those tours by the way when you're in Mexico and on a cruise) That one ended me with a really bad back.  For a really long time.
I love horses.  I really, really love horses.  I love their power, the sheer strength they possess.  The structure of their body.
If I felt like I was good enough, I would certainly paint one.
Unfortunately that's for another bucket list.
Anyway, why the heck am I telling you this????
It's never to late to mark something off your bucket list...cause I'm BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN!!!
but first I have to show you a beautiful Delta sunrise
and,,,The Countiss Place
oh my.  Be still my heart.
First Cindy and I had to play a round of golf and E got to drive us!
By the way,,,I'm just flat worn out from the excitement of this week. period....
doin the happy dance
 we tied btw. (of course she gives me a stroke a hole)

 we got to encounter this little varmint 
 I think this is just beautiful!!! In perfect "Delta" fashion!
 Lunch at the Delta Bistro!
 off to ride Sassie's beautiful horses!
 That's Sassie and her sweet horse Sassie Jr. (the one I got to ride)

 and Cindy and "Soul Man"
 It felt so natural!!! I even went a little fast!

Yolande came along!!!

 I love Sassie!!! I think I'll be doing this again!
 then we got to relax in Sassie and Doug's spectacular home
 and Sassie's friend made us the MOST amazing Chicken Pot Pie for dinner.  OMG

 Sassie and Doug purchased this painting and I thought it was so appropriate here!!! (we're gonna lower it a bit)

 apps on the porch

 and some homemade Hops made by their son Douglas.  Let me tell you how good this was.

 oh yummers

 Thank you Sassie and Doug for a wonderful day!
(and Cindy and Sykes for a wonderful week!)
and for helping me over my fear of horses!!!

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