Friday, April 8, 2011

Scott's! (it's that time of the month)

First of all, I have FINALLY updated my website to include the "Dress Series" so now you can purchase on line with (hopefully) ease!!! Check it out
Anyway, it's the 2nd weekend of the month.  That means.....
Scott Antiques Market.
and as usual, this one did not disappoint.
"E" and I decided to go look for stuff for her home.
and we found some awesome stuff, plus, I swooned over TONS of stuff.
Here we go!
Like these......$$$$$$$$$$$$$ though
 and this$$$$$$$$$$$
 we were looking for slipper chairs like these but decided that we like the ones at South of Market better.
 these were sellin like crazy!
 love the lines of this piece 
 wouldn't you love this to fill with enough candy to rot your kid's teeth out????
 this piece REALLY stole my heart

 loved this table
 and this but felt like the galvanized top was a little to bright
 we purchased two of these!
 we love, love, loved this Turkish rug....wrong size :(
 Now, this wood turner was one of the best I've ever seen.  E and I went nuts over his work.  Very, very talented


 and a few pieces of art!!!
that's about it guys!
have a wonderful Friday y'all!


  1. Beautiful things!! I need two of those baskets!!

  2. Love the baskets and the 3 drawer chest with bun feet. Gave me an idea!!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! I could spend every penny i own at that place!!! Don`t know where i would put it cause my house is full!!! Would love love to start over!!! HAHA Oh well. BE happy!!!

  4. oh man, I definitely want to go with you one day!! Maybe in June?? Greg is in a wedding the 2nd weekend in May, and it is also Katie's bday. But June sounds like a great time for antiquing ;)