Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Fun Night!

WOW! What a fun event last night was!
And what an unbelievable turnout!
We had about 125 people show up and not only did Martha sell {and sign}about 150 books I sold quite a few pieces of art!  I was so honored to hear the wonderful comments.  Really, I was just blown away.
So here are the pics!
Thanks to everyone who came!
 George McConnell.  Wow was he awesome!!!

 We started the night with drinks at the Alluvian

 there's the famous Mawtha!!!

 this is Meagan!  I met her and found out she was a good friend in college of my daughter J! What a small world Mississippi is!!!

 The famous Cindy Foose 

 Yolande and Evan all the way from Las Vegas

Again, thank you everyone for coming!!!
Have a wonderful day y'all!


  1. On your desire for comments??? I think most people like me are just kind of overwhelmed and don't know what to say!!!!!:):):) I read EVERY SINGLE DAY but don't always comment. Love all your posts! Addicted!!! But also, I usually have to press my "post comment" several times before my comment will go through. If someone didn't know, they would think it wasn't working and would not keep going through the cycle again. SO....that's probably what is happening with your comments:)

  2. trees painted lovely with colors of gold
    crosses to cling to no matter how old
    angels and ball gowns
    lights of the big town
    "these are a few of my favorite things"

  3. i see my aunt and uncle :)
    btw-love your art!


  4. Looks like a good time was had by all...thrilled you had a fun and successful evening. You and your artwork both look wonderful!!

  5. Looks like a fantastic evening and looks like you were quite a hit! Congrats! Have you ever considered being in the Harding Academy or Brentwood Academy Art shows here? You should!!!