Monday, April 11, 2011

Bare no More

As promised I am going to show you what I did with the little drapery I made for my youngest the other day.
First.....forgive my photography skills.  Man, I've GOT to take a class or somethin.  I mean seriously, could I have misjudged the lighting any worse?
the before
 oh, and my lil man came.  Is he not the cutest thang EVER?????
 and after
the before of her dining room windows:
and after! (remember that shaggy shade tutorial?)
 just fyi, the slipcovers for the black chairs have been ordered in off white duck cloth.  Wow, that will make a huge difference!
 Next up?  Gotta start workin on son's house....
Have a great day y'all!
I'm off to Mississippi!


  1. The fabric is perfect! Tell us about the rod you used - is it mounted or a tension rod?

  2. this is perfect as we strive to find the perfect window curtains ourselves. After months and months of research I got to the point where I was clearly having an obsession with the curtains so I stopped and said I'll wait for the rest of the furniture to be installed (we're budgeting that one slowly) to make the final step with the curtains. And boy, is this hard! the waiting is killing me!

    I think you're right - the white on the chairs will make an enormous difference and light up the room. You can also consider a white-ish rug to reflect the new found light.

  3. HI Cee! Thank you for your comment! The rod is just a simple iron rod that I bought at Hancocks. It is mounted. Thank you also for reading!!!