Saturday, April 2, 2011

Excitement Is????????

You know I have this thing about scratch off lottery tickets.
I love them!
I really, really, do!
Well, Cooper (my dog) and I decided to go for a little ride yesterday to downtown Greensboro.
I stopped for a fountain diet coke.
I had an extra 10 bucks in my wallet and decided "what the heck" I'll buy a 10.00 ticket.
Got in the car with Cooper lickin my face and started scratchin.
Well, up comes this dollar sign (I mean that looked like a dollar bill)...I didn't know what it meant!  I thought maybe I  had won 20.00 or something.   So I looked down at the rules.
That dollar sign????
500 smackers!!!
I almost peed my pants y'all!
I was screaming!  Cooper was goin crazy!
I ran in to the store and said "what do I do with this??????"
He said...."I give you 500 dolla."
So, he gave me 500 dolla.
Oh, the fun of winning!
Have a wonderfully lucky day y'all!
I'm playin golf at 8 this morning and hope my luck continues onto the golf course.
Hole in one??????


  1. Puppy is the good luck charm -- be careful scratching and driving! Hugs - Chris Ouzts

  2. you won $500 dollars!?!? That's awesome!!