Saturday, April 16, 2011

"These are a Few of My Favorite Friends"

and um, why don't they tell you when you look like you're wearing a nightgown????
Just kiddin guys.
well sorta.  
Actually in my defense, I was supposed to have a big belt on and a chunky necklace.  But got to Nashville 30 minutes before the party started and forgot.
OMG, I look like a Monk?  I can't quit looking at this pic.  Seriously.
Okay, I'm finally home after a whirl wind week!  Do you ever do that?  Just go and go until you can't go no mo?
That's what I've done this week.
Night before last we had a bridal shower for one of my favorite friend's daughter Christie.
I'm pretty sure you can pick her out of that group (and probably her mom).
What I'm really amazed at is the fact that I've known these girls for 15 years.  
This particular group my friends are obnoxiously called "The Princess Group"
We [obnoxiously] named ourselves that about 15 years ago when our USTA team went to Nationals out in Tucson.
We have all stuck together like glue throughout those years and I love each and every one of them so much.
What's so amazing is this.
No one has changed a bit! (except for me and a few lbs.)
I mean, no disrespect here but we haven't even changed hair styles! I guess we had a stylish "doo" a long time ago.  And, what's REALLY amazing is that the majority (and I'm not gonna point them out) are over 55.  Check out those legs guys!  WOW!  One is 60, and a few are closin in on that.  Bet you can't even pick them out.
Okay, enough about my "old" friends
This is really about Christie's bridal shower.
just a few pics!
here's Barb!

 Christie is sparkling!!!

Congrats to Christie!!!
Have a great day y'all!
see ya tomorrow?

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  1. Umm... I LOVE that dress!! That was my very first thought when I saw it in the picture before I even read anything!! It's beautiful!