Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Easy Pillow Sham!

Ever wanted to make one a these?
Not the pillow silly, a sham to go on it!
A flange edge pillow sham.....
Well get out your sewing machine and get going cause you are gonna be amazed at how easy these are!

Start by measuring the pillow
and add 8" to the length and the width.  (that would be for the 4" flange on each side)
If you're using stripes like me, decide where you want the middle stripe.  I chose the red stripe.
Now, stripes can be tricky and this fabric was no exception.  It wanted to stretch on me.
cut it out
Now cut the back side 8" longer (I'll show you why in a minute)
turn under the back side 1/4" on both sides and then another 1/4" and sew

lay the top fabric on lining and cut lining for the top.
(If it is a thinner fabric, use felt interlining)
cut the back side of the pillow in half lengthwise
Lay the back right sides together over the front and overlap the back sides like shown
ps. there was no way at all that I could line up the stripes to match because of the overlapping.
another pic
so this is the order.  The lining, the top fabric face up, and both sides of the back fabric face down
pin all the way around and sew, clip corners and trim seams
then turn!
be sure when you turn to poke out the edges so they are nice and sharp
then press really well
this is why you overlap the back!
measure 3" from all sides and pin
like this!
stitch around the entire pillow following the pins

and the back side

then stuff that pillow in!  and there ya have it!!!
have a wonderful Sunday y'all!
before I go, I have to show you a pic of my son and his darling fiance!!!
aren't they cute????


  1. They are cute! And thank you for the tips on the sham. I love that fabric.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! Can't wait to get the pics posted on our website. Hopefully Greg can do that today :)