Monday, March 21, 2011

"What to Take to a Birthday Party"?

When you're not supposed to take anything.
You know,
we all get the invitation that says "No gifts please"
Do you ever come empty handed though?
Well.....I've got the perfect solution.....and lets just hope my person that I'm "gifting" doesn't read my blog.
Here we go.
You have to start with one of these:
a Xyron Vinyl cutting machine
 and a computer that is compatible with the machine.  If you're obsessive like me you will buy it before checking it's compatibility, ultimately having to download many $$$'s worth of stuff to make it compatible.  It's very easy to use after that.  So, this is what I did (so hope Joe is not reading!)
 How it looks on the computer screen
 Load the vinyl sticky back paper.  I chose silver
 After it's cut you remove the outer vinyl being sure that the letters stay in tact.
 then you take this transfer stick back paper 
 and remove the sticky part
 then place it on top of the letters
 and carefully peel it on to the sticky transfer paper
 Now take a perfectly expensive good bottle of wine
 and take the label off 
what's good about this?  you can use cheap wine and no one will ever know!!!
 lay that sticky paper on the wine bottle making sure it's good and straight
 and peel it off!...then smooth out the wrinkles in the letters

 then tie it up with some burlap ribbon!
my suggestion?  Go take your wine bottle (label off) to a place that makes vinyl letters (they're all over the place now) and have them do it.
But, idn't that cute?
have a great day y'all!
oh, and Joe, if you're reading?
Happy Birthday!


  1. LOVE this idea!! I will most definitely be using this in the future! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Hmmmmm...Lucky Joe..Better let him know it is a fine bottle of PlumpJack so he doesn't throw it down the drain.