Monday, March 7, 2011's the Best Medicine!

I'm always a little sad when my kids go.  You know that ole sayin for grandparents it goes something like this "what's great about being a grandparent?" "you get to give em back"....I don't know how the heck that goes.  I'm always getting my quotes mixed up.  I'm like Ziba or Zena or whatever her name is on NCSI.  She's always getting her words wrong.  That's me, I'm Zebra.
anyway, I'm NEVER glad to give em back.
Kids are gone :(
As I watched the car loaded to the hilt with baby gear, I felt a tear swell in my eye as that car rode down our long, lonely driveway, tipped onto the street and disappeared off into the distance. It's gone. The pang of loneliness pelted at my heart and the fear that I would never see them again entered my brain.  It's the fear that every parent/grandparent has when they let their offspring out of their sight. pictures.
I've turned into a weirdo (what's new) with my camera. still my re-newed heart.  They made it home safely.
And to make your day and mine!
Laughing out loud!
Are ya ready???? 

Have a laughingly, wonderful Monday y'all!


  1. Your grandbabies are BEAUTIFUL!!! I am looking forward to that fun some day down the road.....

  2. Her dress is PRECIOUS!! ~ she is too!!!

  3. oh my goodness!!! She is too cute!!! I can see how you had a hard time letting her go!