Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quite simply "The Beach" oh, and those Publix cookies......

Just the pics mam.
That's what this is gonna be, just the pics.
Well, I may add a few captions!
W'ell see.
But, yesterday,,,,,,I BAlew my diet BIGTIME on these:
Dang, why does Publix have to make these cookies so darn good?  They taste like Birthday Cake....
with really yummy icing.  It's 4 a.m. and since I took 5 yes 5!!!! naps yesterday I couldn't sleep.  sooooo I'm blogging.  And, I just went in there to get a cookie and ya know what?  they're gone.......oh boy someones gonna get it from me.  I was really, really craving one this morning.
now on to pics.
but first......I have FINALLY figured out how to work my website....You know the one with my paintings on it?
I have had SO many people interested in the dress series that I am doing and no way to sell to them because I couldn't figure the darn thing out.  Well, shout out to my favorite, wonderful, sweet, darling son.
 Greg,,,,who,,,,,just started with a new company called Vehicle Media....they do everything you need for your website development.
He walked me through how to work my website, and let me tell you, I don't comprehend stuff like that very well, (remember my issues with the remote control?) on off button, that's all I want.
Anyway, shout out to that WONDERFUL SON
they (as well as he) are an amazingly talented group of folks who can literally do anything you want!
Give them a ring!
Now,,,, on to more stuff!
we did some early morning photo sessions of Lil B in the bed!  oh, is he not the cutest thing eva?????

 um,,,,that would be enough Gigi
 and then Lil Miss Evers had to model for us. um Tory herself would be SO proud.
 had to snap a shot of my youngest and boyfriendy Andy
 Okay, you parents out there goin to the beach.....get one a these.  It was great for Lil B.  Even though he wouldn't sleep and Gigi took him up to take [one] of my naps with him.
(I think I was catching up on my non-sleeping, always painting, compulsive mode)
 Andy dug lookin for wet sand and Evey kept pouring the sand back in the hole! 
 After the beach Boo got a little Lil B time
 they have matching blue eyes!
 whatta ya do at the beach?  you get laid back

 Back down for some more sand!  and....why does the shoe storage always just gross me out? Plus I'm always scared that someones going to steal my shoes.  Something about those mens flip flops makes my stomach turn.
 back to the sand!
 and wind
 he was like,,,,"what in the world is goin on here?"
 his hand loved the sand....His mouth however didn't like it too much.
 teachin lil bro how to play in the sand
and learning! See that little speck of sand on his nose???
 now let's make a sandcastle!
 have a wonderful Thursday y'all!  Oh and St. Patty's day!!! We are going to have SOMUCHFUNTONIGHT!!!! The weather is the most perfect it's ever been for Spring Break!
Hope you have fun too!

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  1. Oh, your grandkids are precious! This makes me long for a vacation at the beach. Enjoy and Happy St. Paddy's Day!