Sunday, March 13, 2011

I have ANOTHER new obsession....

Selling on ebay!!!  OMG how fun is that?
Like I said in an earlier blog, I'm gettin rid of stuff that I don't use. 
It is so much fun to get messages from potential buyers.  I don't know why I haven't done this before!!!
Here's what I'm selling now.
A Chloe' Paddington bag
and hanging....
and the back....
It's in perfect condition and I only carried it maybe 10 times.  Stupid stamp on my forehead.
We won't talk about what I bought it for.
and then there's these.....
OH THEY ARE FAB (they just slip off my heel and have never really been able to wear them.
Bought them for one special occasion 3 years ago to go with a navy Vera Wang velvet dress.  Oh it looked beautiful!
perfect condition
we won't talk about what I paid for these either.  Let's just say if you go to ebay and check out my stuff you could get a really good deal.
A challenge from me to you.....Get rid of all the stuff you don't use!  If you don't want it,,,,sell it and donate the $$$$ or donate it to a worthy cause.
Have a beautiful Sunday y'all!