Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting Ready for a Fun Show with Martha Foose!

First, remember my sweet friend Mawtha?
(I call her Fooseball)
WELLLLL......her new cookbook  has just been released!
I got one of the first copies!!
Signed of course
and btw,,,,it's number 3 on Amazon right now!!! Go Mawtha!!! (so glad I know her!)
she's so stinkin hilarious also, you should just hang out with her sometime.
OH, and go pick up a copy of "Garden and Gun" magazine.  EIGHT PAGE SPREAD ON MARTHA!!! I mean seriously, how cool is that?  and, you know what?  she mentioned me and they cut me out of the article.  Dang them :(
Anyway, I have the distinct honor of having an art show with her book signing at Turnrow Books in Greenwood, Mississippi.
The date? Tuesday, April 12.
And, not only is it a book signing and art show, George McConnell from "Wide Spread Panic" will be playing the guitar!
We are expecting a huger than huge turnout. 
Yesterday, I hung my art for people to ponder, or um buy! before the show, so if you're in Greenwood stop by here and take a looksie! Actually if you've never been to Greenwood, it's a fab little town! (not to mention Viking (to die for) is headquartered here.  Wish I had time for a little cooking class!
 so, here's what you'll see!

 and you may run in to Mawtha! or ask where she is and someone will know!
PS....stay at the Alluvian (be still my fab hotel lovin heart)

 Today I'm gonna mess around Greenwood for some great shopping!
Starting here!
and then back home to W:)
have a wonderful day y'all!


  1. Thanks for making our store look even more beautiful. So happy to have you be part of Turnrow for a bit. So excited for all to see. thanks, Kelly

  2. O my goodness!! I'm from Greenwood and it's my absolute favorite place on earth. It's just so charming. I hope you are having a blast there. I will be there next weekend and will definitely go to Turnrow to check out your art!!

  3. It was great to meet you.. So glad you are loving our town! We are so excited about the signing/show/concert on the 12th!

  4. There's a great profile of Martha in the latest issue of Garden & Gun magazine. I had heard of her before, but after reading the article, I wanted to run out and buy her cookbooks immediately! Love how your paintings are displayed in the bookstore - looks great!

  5. Isn't it wonderful!!! I told her I want her publicist!!! That 8 page spread rocked big time! Thanks for reminding me!!!
    oh and thanks!!! I thought they filled up the space nicely!!!