Friday, March 18, 2011

The Design House and a Few St. Paddy's Day pics!

I think that it is safe to say that my final design job has almost come to completion.
It has been a wonderful job working with a wonderful person.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  If I could get clients like this, I'd still be doing design work!
So, here's some pics for all you design nuts out there to ohhhh and ahhhh over.
Now, first things first.  I'm not a design photographer, so I was disappointed in my photography.
oh well, you get the pun intended!
Here we go!
First challenge,,,,a VERY large living area.  Which is wonderful by the way, it just makes for a challenge with furniture placement.  It's hard to tell with the pic but we used the MOST fabulous sea foam green/blue Turkish rug. And the 3" plantation shutters are todiefor.

Thought the nail heads added so much to these chairs.

 outside those doors are double stacked wrap around porches.  FAB
The kitchen is adjacent to the living area.  We chose an ostrich (real) leather for the counter stools
and a few paintings by moi!
 love, love, love the counter stools!
 and the dining.  We are planning to replace the light fixture with something really cool.  Just haven't found the perfect fixture!  Oh, and a Blue Dog goes to the left of the table.

Now to the bedrooms.  oh yummers (I wanna jump in there right now!) It is warm and peaceful and comfortable.
 a little desk area

 another yummy bedroom!
 I thought this piece was FAB
 this is my bedroom.  yes, I stay here when my client oh so graciously lets me use her house!
 and finally the bunk room.  Fab beds.
shout out:
you will NOT be disappointed, they are the best made beds ever. (side note) we can't find the shams! So, making new ones! and, not sure where the rug in here went!
my job while I was here?  Well,,,,we had a leather couch down in the TV room that really didn't work.  So, we found this one.  Which made the chairs not match.  This is before...
 and this is what I found to change it up! (gonna add a few more pillows)
and finally, the outside
(isn't this wonderful?)

Now, on to St. Paddy's Day
First up? Stylin with Boo

She loves her cousin Jack
 So do I! (Great, great kid young man)
 hum, what shall I order?
 now, when they say "Live Band" I've always they really think there is such a thing as a "dead band?"
 Luck of the Irish?
 Girls gone silly

 Ever's really wanted to learn how to hand clap (or whatever you call it)

 Lil B had a blast!

 And so did Evers (I know, I want Callen's top too)

 Is it really already Friday?  I'm already getting sad about leaving!  Don't make me!
 The Beach ALL DAY LONG!!!
but first?
The Donut Hole.....


  1. Beautiful home, family and pictures. A mini vacation for me.

  2. What a great house! And love the photos of the family on St. Paddy's Day - how great to celebrate such a fun day at the beach!

  3. Yes, a beautiful home. Do you know the name of the paint color used in the main living and dining area?